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Mold Removal

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Mold Removal

A lot of homeowners struggle with the problem of mold but there are several others ignoring the growth of mold without realizing its hazardous effects. Bona-Fide Remediation delivers a wide range of reliable solutions to remove mold from the homes. Mold can be commonly seen in the wet and damp surfaces inside home such as carpets, wallpapers or tiles. It is not uncommon for molds to grow on different surfaces after flood and storms, but it can also be spotted on areas near water leakage. The health hazards that molds cause can be life-threatening so you must rely on expert to mold removal and cleanup. At Bona-Fide our experts know how to deal with the molds and act immediately when you hire their services.

Saving your home

Mold infestation can affect your home within two to three days of flood and spreads quickly. A lot of homeowners wait unreasonably to avail professional services for mold removal. Complete mold removal is not possible but we do not make false promises to our customers. The spores of mold can grow anywhere inside or outside your home. Before mold growth escalates to a bigger issue, you must feel free to call us anytime to get the assistance you need for removing mold. Our experts act faster than you think and response fast to limit the damage due to molds. We inspect the premise of the clients before mold removal and offer affordable mold removal treatment plans to mitigate the health risks.

Trained and professional specialists

We are not one of businesses that mushroomed recently, but one of the most authentic organizations responding to the requirements of the clients for mold removal. Our mold removal methods are safe and handled by a team of trained professionals regardless of the extent of the problem. From mold inspection and testing to remediation and removal through non-toxic agents, we offer a full range of services to the owners of the commercial and residential services.

Offering certified services

We are certified to deal with mold issues in different premises and come out clear and transparent about the methods we apply to remove mold. If you come across presence of mold in your home or office, you can immediately contact us to acquire removal services from us. We have the expertise to tackle mold problems in different homes and offices immediately after natural disasters such as flood and offer emergency services to the customers. Our team always stays informed and trained on the latest practices of mold removal.

If you’re dealing with fire, flood or mould damage