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Insurance Contractor

To protect your contracting business from the expenses that may occur due to devastating accidents, Bona-Fide is your trusted insurance contractor and offers a gamut of services. The contractors and the subcontractors as well as independent businessmen require insurance to protect their workers. A few of the factors affecting the cost of the insurance is the type of work of a company such as the roofing contractors and the HVAC technicians both differing in the level of services. The requirements of the coverage, the number of employees, and the location of the business are some of the other factors affecting the cost of the insurance as well. No matter what your needs are for liability insurance, we are recognized as one of the most reliable insurance contractors meeting your needs.

Coverage you get

The construction and contracting businesses involve huge risks and the business owner has to consider the liability of the clients as well when they are hurt during a visit to the property. Instead of worrying about the accountability you have to bear for the medical bills, you can turn to Bona-Fide Remediation for help. Instead of paying the damages out of your pocket, you must invest in general liability insurance without hurting the bottom line of your business. Even the most cautious business owners cannot prevent accidents when they are bound to offer. Businesses need to stay prepared to take these challenges and must carry a general liability insurance to protect the employees. However, when you search for general insurance contractors, you will come across a scores of companies. Take your time to reviews our services and procure an insurance policy within your budget to meet your needs.

Claims for injuries

Irrespective of the size of the business the contractors realize how important it is to protect the customers from accidents on the site. We offer convenient insurance coverage plans to the customers and protects the businesses from the common accidents and the lawsuits that follow. As a professional insurance contractor, we try to understand your needs deeply before offering you the plan of coverage so that your business is properly protected from different kinds of disasters. If you are in a business and looking for a convenient insurance coverage, try to get in touch with us and discuss the insurance plan suitable for your business.

Know your needs

Most clients review the liability coverage of the contracting companies and refuse to conduct business without it. As a recognized insurance contractor, Bona-fide Remediation offers some of the best coverage plans for the clients in contracting business.

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