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Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire can cause massive damage to residential and commercial properties whether it is big or small. However, when a home or office is completely burned down, the thing you need immediately need is a reliable fire damage restoration service. Even a small fire can spread very fast, but to assess the damage you must hire professional services from Bona-Fide Remediation, the fire damage restoration experts with professional training to deal with the situation. We have the necessary equipment to clean the burned areas.  The soot and smoke that travels to every part of your home can also cause extensive damage. With services from the experts of this company who receive training to clean and restore homes and offices after fire damage, you can rely on our full range of services.

What to do

When your home or office is engulfed by a bad fire and the fire departments officials extinguish the flames, you are faced with the burden of cleaning and restoring the premises. The expert workforce of Bona-Fide not only fixes and repairs the damages caused to the property but also remove water that accumulated due to burst pipes or leaky faucets after a fire. Homes and offices damaged due to fire cause a lot of stress to the property owners, but we can help you to fight with the situation and assist you all the way until the experts revive the damaged premise to the original condition. Share your agonies with us today after fire damage and get the restoration services your premises need from the trained experts.

Things to expect

When you avail the services of our company, you get assorted services to handle the damage caused due to fire. We address the damage to the structure of your home and office and the leaks that can result in water damage. Right from reinforcing the staircase to fixing holes on the walls, or the roof, our experts have the knowledge required to handle your needs. We also remove standing water using pumps before inspecting the entire area and carrying the repair work.  The first thing to do for fire restoration is to remove all the furniture that are damaged beyond recognition and the next is to clean the walls and the floors before repainting. Fortunately, the company has a pretty big workforce to handle the diverse needs of the clients.

Fire damage experts

With specialized cleaning techniques, our team of fire damage experts get the property back to the original condition. The professionals of this company understand how devastating a fire can be for your property and provide the restoration techniques necessary to reorganize your premise.

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